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A2MAC1 acquires effution and strengthens its competitive insights offerings in software engineering and benchmarking solutions

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Press release
Paris, July 18, 2022

A2MAC1 acquires effution and strengthens
its competitive insights offerings in software engineering and benchmarking solutions

A2MAC1, the undisputed global leader in automotive technology benchmarking, has rigorously analyzed technology and innovations since 1997. The company is constantly enhancing the cutting-edge insights it offers its customers. In recent years, A2MAC1 has extended its core technical benchmarking data offering with performance and cost benchmarking data, as well as introduced unique 360° vehicle insights to provide maximum value for its clients. A2MAC1 works with the leading global customers across the automotive supply chain, serving OEMs, OESs, and their suppliers.

A2MAC1 and effution, an acquisition that consolidates the group’s software engineering and benchmarking expertise
effution is an industry-agnostic software engineering and benchmarking company, founded in 2014 by Joachim Gielnik in Augsburg, Germany. effution provides the most comprehensive end-to-end software engineering and benchmarking solutions in the market today (by methods, models, technologies, etc.). effution ensures the highest possible visibility, accuracy (>97%), and efficiency at the top-benchmark level for software development and IT services in terms of estimation, measurement, calculation, and simulation of effort, schedule, resources, risks, and costs.

Through its unique methodology, effution has developed deep expertise across various end-markets offering solutions that target R&D, IT, finance, procurement, value engineering, and c-suite assessment of in-house and suppliers’ software development & IT services efficiency and costs. To ensure the highest possible visibility and accuracy, effution calibrates its methods and models by utilizing data from >153 million freeware and open-source software repositories (representing about 75% of currently known FOSS projects) and >6.2 million industry and public sector projects, analyzed by customers and effution’s team. This capability is powered by “sucCXess”, a proprietary software engineering and benchmarking tool for the digitalization and automation of estimates, measurements, calculations, and simulations of all kinds of software development & maintenance (embedded,
cloud, enterprise, mobile, web) as well as all kinds of IT Services.

effution’s unique capabilities will enrich A2MAC1’s one-stop-shop Benchmarking SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, supplement its 360° vehicle insights, and accelerate the creation of novel software costing tools while getting direct access to the >650 A2MAC1 customer base to offer its knowledge and services worldwide.

Our main objective is to respond and anticipate, in the most innovative and efficient way, to the evolving challenges the market and our customers are facing. We are constantly looking for thought leadership and hyperscalable expertise that will complement our benchmarking offerings and insights to meet current and future needs of our customers. The acquisition of effution allows A2MAC1 an enormous potential to grow with the right scale-up approach, as the market is observing increasing demand for software due to ADAS, electrification, and increasing amounts of software to maximize the user experience that will drive innovation and impact vehicle costs significantly.” Frank Bunte – CEO A2MAC1

Merging with A2MAC1 provides effution with significant global expansion potential. We know that the automotive software and electronics market will experience major growth in the coming years as the industry changes. To best respond to current and future challenges, we are committed to developing ever increasingly innovative and value-generating solutions. We enable our customers in software engineering and benchmarking by providing disruptive but proven procedures, methodologies, and tools. This ensures the highest possible visibility, accuracy, and efficiency at the very top-benchmark level in hardware, ECU’s, and Software & IT Services. By teaming up with the worldwide and undisputed leader in automotive benchmarking, we know we will have the opportunity and resources to develop our expertise while continuing to challenge our service offerings and solutions across multiple industries.” Joachim Gielnik – CEO effution

Automotive software and electronics market faces exponential market growth

As markets change and society moves towards a greener, more connected, more competitive, and smarter world, the connected car user experience will become increasingly important.

Electronics and software in a car have been rising steadily since 1970 and are expected to make up more than 50% of overall vehicle costs by 2030, while the automotive, software, and electronics markets are expected to grow at a 7% CAGR until 2030. The number of lines of code in cars is expected to increase 2-5x by 2030, underpinning the emergence of a ‘should-cost’ market for software and services in and around vehicles.

As the undisputed global leader in automotive benchmarking, A2MAC1’s mission is to help its clients achieve their objectives to remain competitive and always up to date with the latest challenges and changes in the sector such as:

  • Defining software strategy: Build vs Buy

  • Ensuring up-to-date and competitive software and cloud features and functionality

  • Enabling rapid development and global sourcing at a fair effort, schedule, and cost

  • Securing critical supplier relationships and talent sourcing

  • Providing transparency on total cost of ownership (TCO), including software development & maintenance cost

“For the past 25 years, A2MAC1 has been uncovering hidden secrets behind the most complex innovations and technologies and transforming invisible data into meaningful insights. We support our clients in understanding the market, but even more so, in anticipating new challenges to shape a smarter, greener, and even more connected future today. With the acquisition of effution, we are taking a significant step forward in the evolution of software costing and software engineering and benchmarking s services. This is a milestone that will certainly not be the last for A2MAC1 as markets and technologies evolve daily. Our company is and will remain as agile and forward-thinking as its areas of expertise and thought leadership.Frank Bunte, CEO of A2MAC1

About A2MAC1
A2MAC1 is the worldleading provider of competitive technical benchmarking solutions across the automotive industry and beyond. It is a pioneer in the analysis and transformation of data into value and a source of mission-critical insights into the market. With over 600 employees worldwide (Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States), the group’s offering is used daily by nearly 650,000 professionals from the entire automotive value chain and beyond (transportation, agriculture, appliances, etc.) for 25 years.
Its unique, easy-to-use, 3D proprietary technology platform helps manufacturers optimize the design and materials of their products throughout their life cycle, with a constant focus on innovation and cost and value optimization.

For more information: https://www.a2mac1.com

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