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Diversity Resource Hub: tools, tips, and inspiration for all | Yelp

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Diversity Resource Hub: tools, tips, and inspiration for all | Yelp

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From left to right: The Black Hair Experience, Little Giant Muay Thai, and Raw Smoothie Co.

In celebration of Diversity Month and the fearless entrepreneurs from all walks of life, we’re highlighting their stories, resources, and more—including attributes business owners can add to their Yelp Pages to stand out and operate with pride.

Diversity brings depth and color to the things we do—and our communities flourish when passionate minds are free to create businesses that authentically reflect their cultures, values, and identities.

To celebrate and support diversity in business (and life), we’ve compiled a list of our resource hubs for business owners, each including helpful tools, tips, and entrepreneurial stories to thrive and inspire.

Explore the hub:

Minority-owned business resource hubs on Yelp
From the Yelp Blog
On-demand video and podcasts
Business resources
Tools for allies
Yelp tools
More resources for making an impact

Minority-owned business resource hubs on Yelp

These hubs are chock-full of tools and advice for minority-owned businesses of all types and scale. Hear from like-minded entrepreneurs on their diverse, yet familiar, journeys to success and come away with actionable tips you can implement in your business.

You’ll also learn more about the identifying attributes you can add to your Yelp Business Page. These free, searchable attributes help consumers find and support diverse businesses in their communities. A recent study shows businesses that adopt identity attributes on platforms like Yelp see an increase in online engagement, foot traffic, and revenue.

How to add attributes to your Yelp Page

  1. Log in to Yelp for Business (Business Information tab)
  2. In the Amenities section, click Add or Edit 
  3. Select Yes next to the attribute(s) of your choice
  4. Click Save

These attributes are opt-in only features, as any identification decisions should rest solely with the business.

You can add unlimited attributes to your page to help you identify your business. Add your choice of attributes by following the same instructions as above.

Did you know? You can get a free Asian-, Black-, Latinx-, LGBTQ-, veteran-, and/or woman-owned business sticker in the mail by filling out this request form (eligible for businesses with a physical location listed on Yelp). Stickers are sent out on a monthly basis. 

From the Yelp Blog

Hear from diverse business owners about their journeys to entrepreneurship and how they’re creating space for themselves and others in their industries. Plus, discover how Yelp supports small business owners and allyship.

On-demand videos and podcasts

Business resources

Business Resource Toolkit | Open to All
Resources to help your business convey to staff and customers that you’re committed to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for all.

Inclusive Retail Toolkit | Open to All
Resources and training materials to help retail businesses support inclusive environments.

Minority Business Development Agency (MDBA)
Providing minority-owned businesses with access to capital, contracts, and global markets; part of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

National Minority Supplier Development Council
A certification entity that connects minority-owned businesses with federal, state, local, and corporate contracts.

U.S. Small Business Administration
A government agency focused on training, executive education, and consulting minority-owned businesses in the areas of “marketing, accounting, opportunity development and capture, contract management, compliance, and financial analysis.”

Pay Equity in the Workplace | ADP
Information on pay equity and how it can help businesses attract and retain talent.

Bystander Intervention | Open to All
Training programs for strategies on how to stand up to harassment and create safer environments for people of all races, abilities, and more.

Conflict De-escalation | Open to All
Training programs for identifying conflicts and de-escalating them in and out of the workplace.

Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace | Culture Amp
A resource for frequently asked questions about DEI and how to get your efforts off the ground.

National DEI Training Week
An annual conference focused on DEI in the workplace.

An organization committed to racial equity in tech that helps businesses hire and retain diverse talent.

Intersectional Allyship for Racial Justice: A Workshop for BIPOC Allies | Equity in the Center
A seminar for individuals who identify as people of color to unpack what it means for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) to be effective allies to one another in the pursuit of racial equity.

Read more about how to make an impact with your Yelp Business Page and beyond, including communicating with your customers, increasing business, and more.

More resources for making an impact

Whether or not you identify with the minority groups above, there are many other ways to align yourself and your business with values-based initiatives that matter to your community and your customers.

More and more, the modern consumer expects brands to demonstrate rich and solid values, prioritizing ethical, environmental, and social responsibilities, like accessibility. Consumers will even switch brands if they feel a business is lacking. Consider the following resources and business strategies to earn more consumer trust and loyalty by defining and acting on your mission and values.

The information above is provided for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice and may not be suitable for your circumstances. Unless stated otherwise, references to third-party links, services, or products do not constitute endorsement by Yelp.

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