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EDrive Token: The Next Revolution for Automotive Technology and How Its Ecosystem Will Benefit the Community

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EDrive Token: The Next Revolution for Automotive Technology and How Its Ecosystem Will Benefit the Community

Place/Date: Brentford, United Kingdom – January 2nd, 2023 at 11:49 am UTC · 3 min read

EDrive Token,
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EDrive Token: The Next Revolution for Automotive Technology and How Its Ecosystem Will Benefit the Community
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EDrive Token aims to bring innovation to the automotive industry through blockchain technology. EDrive Token has been keen on developing a unique ecosystem designed and governed through Smart Contracts and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).Built on Binance Smart Chain, it will be decentralised, transparent, public, and open to contributions, activities, and initiatives proposed by and for the community of EDrive Token.

The project’s main areas of focus include EVs services and Smart Mobility Platforms, the tokenization of classic and collectible cars, and the tokenization of supercars and hypercars. Holders of EDT will enjoy multiple benefits, including BNB rewards, NFT-based VIP status, and exclusive airdrops.

In total, EDrive Token has twenty billion EDTs, with a carefully planned out distribution scheme for all stakeholders. The team will only retain 3% of the total, with a locking period of 12 months. This strategy aims to show everyone that the team intends to truly bring their project to light and not to profit from a surge in EDT’s price.

EDTs ecosystem will establish advanced security, anti-bot, and anti-dump measures. The liquidity allocation at DEXs will be locked for at least 12 months to allow the EDT to appreciate. An in-depth smart contract audit has been carried out and showed, after multiple careful checks, no flaws, vulnerabilities, and bugs that can undermine its development.

The outstanding team behind EDrive Token is composed of credible individuals. They are successful in the automotive industry and are well-experienced in blockchain technology. Hence, this will assure the community they have expertise in blockchain technology and the automotive sector.

Mario Ferrari is the Director of EDrive Token. Mario is a Programmer at Hewlett-Packard and a Serial Entrepreneur with years of experience in the automotive industry and is engaged in developing various projects on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Andrea Pezzato is the Project Manager of EDrive Token. By profession, Andrea is a research and development manager with a notable thirty years of financial activity. He has a strong experience in Blockchain technology and the crowdfunding sector of the industry.

Niccolò Petti is the Blockchain Developer of the project. He is a Computer Scientist and Blockchain expert who is a master developer of complex and secure Smart Contracts.

Gianluca Franco is the lead advisor to the team at EDrive Token. He has many years of experience in finance and technology fields, playing managerial and operational roles across several industries and countries. Gianluca’s areas of focus include commercial and strategic activities.

Currently, the public presale is live. You can participate and be part of the revolution. Please get more information on how to join via the official website and the social media platforms below:

About EDrive Token

EDrive Token is a project under NDF Solutions that will use blockchain technology to bring innovation into the automotive industry. EDrive Token is building an ecosystem based on transparency and sustainability that will be beneficial to its community of automotive enthusiasts and investors, as well as to the world at large.

EDrive Token social channels: Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Medium, Reddit.

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