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Q&A With College of Legislation Alumnus Sean Lanterman ’14, ’18 J.D. – Newsroom

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Q&A With College of Legislation Alumnus Sean Lanterman ’14, ’18 J.D. – Newsroom

Sean Lanterman ’14, ’18 J.D. is the director of incident response at Computer Forensic Services, a Minneapolis-centered business that specializes in electronic discovery and forensic investigation. The enterprise operates with corporations nationwide to obtain and examine electronic evidence, deliver specialist witness testimony, respond to personal computer and community protection incidents, conduct safety assessments and guide cybersecurity and evidence managing trainings.

Lanterman serves on the Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) Advisory Board, and he is a member of the Worldwide Association of Laptop Investigative Specialists (IACIS) and InfraGard. He has gained several specialist certifications for forensic and data examination, as well as in compliance and ethics. Lanterman is portion of the Hennepin County Fourth Judicial District Ethics Committee, which opinions ethics problems from lawyers, and serves as the Continuing Authorized Instruction (CLE) director on the New Legal professionals Portion Board of the Hennepin County Bar Affiliation.

What do you like greatest about your get the job done?

My function will allow me to do the two matters I appreciate most: 1) resolve mysteries and 2) discover new matters. Electronic evidence is exclusive due to the fact it usually brings clarity to a circumstance that other types of evidence normally can not. For this purpose, digital proof is vital in all types of various conditions. I have been uncovered to distinct areas of legislation and have realized additional from my law firm clients than they have from me.

What do you want lawyers would fully grasp about pc forensic science?

It is my duty to make guaranteed that the attorneys I function for recognize what the forensics demonstrate in a certain situation. But just one issue that I see time and once again is that legal professionals (who are usually involved in a situation prior to I am) do not request the appropriate thoughts of a customer early on, as it relates to electronic evidence. I have witnessed vital information irretrievably missing because no 1 imagined it would have any authorized importance. On top of that, I think that there is a notion that since my get the job done relates to personal computers, success are instantaneous. But the actuality is that gathering and analyzing electronic proof requires thorough imagined – it’s not just “point-and-click.”

Is there a venture that you worked on that sticks out to you as specially impactful?

I worked with a family who have been viciously harassed on-line by a seemingly anonymous culprit. I simply cannot choose all the credit rating, but I assisted to productively discover that individual, and get the harassment to stop.

What are the emerging issues for computer forensic science and the legislation? What must attorneys know?

Litigants have a great deal of data – far more so than even five many years in the past. I believe that has led to exacerbated tensions in discovery simply because it can make it tough to create a system for how to rather discover discoverable material, and the place the line is that separates discovery from a fishing expedition.

What’s more, the accessibility of artificial intelligence has supplied a new avenue for convincing, but fake, proof. When pretend evidence is not new, the use of AI for generating pretend proof is. From a technical perspective, things like faux images, videos, recordings, and even text are presenting scenarios that are challenging, but not unattainable, to unravel.

What’s a little something you discovered at St. Thomas, in course or out, that you have with you even nowadays as a skilled?

I think that it was Professor Greg Sisk who explained to our Experienced Responsibility course: “Don’t do anything that the 5-calendar year-old variation of you would not be very pleased to see on the front web site of the newspaper.” People are words and phrases that I check out to live by.

Who very last influenced you skillfully and why?

This could be a long list. But to pick a person individual, it would be my father-in-regulation, who is a attorney. I have discovered a ton from him about a multitude of topics, which include the place of regulation that he practiced. But just one high quality, that is difficult to explain absolutely, is that he has a effectively-tuned legal intuition about what is “right” and “wrong.” I was the first attorney in my family members, and so my father-in-law has been an crucial mentor to me.

What do you do to manage your stress and prioritize wellness?

The most vital point that I (test to) do to preserve pressure in examine is keep arranged. I continue to keep every thing on my paper calendar and on a major whiteboard in my business office. I never use electronic calendars, notes, lists, and so forth. simply because it is way too simple to ignore to look at it.

To prioritize wellness, I have found that this is a going focus on. Frequently, nevertheless, I spend time with my wife and little ones, do woodworking/home projects and thoroughly clean things. It may well seem funny, but I actually like washing cars and trucks. I attempt to continue to keep my cellphone away at sure moments of day, which allows me be a lot more existing for my youngsters, like my dad and mom had been current for me. It is essential for me to do some sort of do the job wherever 1) the consequence is inside my control and 2) the activity involves doing the job with my arms. I really advocate something conference all those standards to any individual searching for a successful outlet.

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